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Attends Dri-Sorb Underpads 30 x 36, Heavy

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Keep your furniture and floors dry and clean with these underpads, or “chux”! Featuring a soft topsheet, these underpads are comfortable and absorbent. Use them almost everywhere and enjoy dryness and comfort! Whether your loved one needs a little extra support in bed or a seat cover for their wheelchair, these underpads come in three distinct sizes to offer all the protection you need. Many people even use them as “puppy pads” if they’re potty training or caring for an incontinent furry friend. Since they’re disposable, you can just toss them out when you’re done and never have to worry about clean up. Keep your home in the best possible shape with these underpads!

Key Benefits

  • Soak up all messes and keep your floors and furniture dry and clean
  • Different sizing options keep any kind of furniture dry
  • A soft topsheet keeps your loved one comfortable, while a waterproof plastic backsheet prevents any liquids from seeping out
  • Disposable material means you never have to worry about clean-up -- just toss them and go!

Choosing the correct size underpad will depend on both the size of the person using it and the type of furniture the underpad is being used for. Typically, smaller sized pads are good for wheelchairs or other chairs that need protection, whereas larger pads work best for beds, couches, or larger users.

Pad Dimensions23 x 36"30 x 30"30 x 36"
Color Peach Backsheet Peach Backsheet White Backsheet
Pack Quantity 10 Underpads 10 Underpads 10 Underpads
Case Quantity 150 Underpads (15 Packs) 150 Underpads (15 Packs) 100 Underpads (10 Packs)
SKU UFP-236 UFP-300 UFP-360



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