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Abena Abri-Let Normal Booster Pads

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Abena Abri-Let Booster Pads are designed to be used inside any disposable diaper or protective pull-up underwear. This pad comes in 2 sizes: Normal and Maxi. If you’re looking for more Booster Pad options, see Booster Pads.

With the flow-through design, the pad will fill to capacity between 17 fl oz (2 cups) to 43.9 fl oz (5.5 cups) depending on size, and then allow any additional liquid to pass through to the disposable undergarment below. For reference, the average adult releases 8-12 fl ounces (1-1½ cups) when they “go”.

Booster pads provide an economical way to extend the use of any of adult diaper. The Abri-Let booster pad is an absorbing rectangular pad with a soft core. The product has a foil-free back sheet and therefore is fully breathable. It can be used as a booster to reach extra absorption when used together with another incontinence product. It can also be used as a maternity pad or an absorbing pad in case of wound care.


  • Booster Pad
  • Worn within a disposable diaper (no adhesive backing)
  • Holds between 17 fl oz (2 cups)- Normal to 43.9 fl oz (5.5 cups)- Maxi
  • Urine Protection


  • Economical way to extend the use of any of adult diaper or pull-up
  • Liquid passes from pad, through to diaper once filled to capacity
  • Reduces nighttime changes due to high absorbency
  • Can be wrapped around penis, or placed on hip/side when sleeping
  • Fully breathable with a soft core
  • Can also be used as a maternity pad or an absorbing pad in case of wound care
SizeNormal (Regular)Maxi
Pad Dimension 4" X 13" 7" X 24"
Incontinence Type Urinary Urinary
Absorbency Capacity 17 fl oz (2 Cups) 43.9 fl oz (5.5 Cups)
Pack Quantity 28 Pads 20 Pads
Case Quantity 252 Pads (9 Packs) 120 Pads (6 Packs)
SKU 300216 4035



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